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Drill of the Week: Chief's Special

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 11/16/21, 11:15AM CST



New Prague High School coach Brad Drazan shares a drill that focuses on skills and habits of breakouts and/or forecheck while forcing players to be problem solvers.


  • A coach is at center ice with pucks. There are two teams. Based on the emphasis desired (breakout or forecheck), coach manipulates the number of players for each team. 
  • The coach dumps the puck into the zone. The defending teams attempts to break the puck out and carry it over the blue line with possession. The attacking team works to forecheck, create a turnover and try to score. 
  • After a breakout, a goal is scored or about 30 seconds (on a whistle), the next group goes. 


  • Breakout version: Defending team has 3 players, attacking team has 2 players.
  • Forecheck version: Defending team has 2 players, attacking team has 3 players.
  • Game version: Keep score of breakouts vs goals. Can also add bonus points for specific skills or concepts you want to emphasize.


Breakout team:

  • Sprint back for the puck
  • Shoulder check to read pressure
  • Use deception to gain separation

Forecheck team:

  • Take away time and space
  • Anticipate and disrupt breakout plays

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