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Drill of the Week: Vesper 3-Whistle

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 01/11/22, 3:15PM CST



South St. Paul high school and long time CCM High Performance coach Elliot Vesper shares a three-part battle drill designed to hone body and stick positioning skills in different situations.


  • Coach starts with pucks on the blue line. Two forwards are at the blue line along with two defensemen. Another forward is at the half wall on each side of the ice with a puck. 
  • 1st whistle - F1 & F2 drive the net and force D1 & D2 to engage and box out. Encourage D1 & D2 to get body and stick positioning. Encourage F1 & F2 to create space and position for screen and tip. Coach will look to shoot, pass, or shot pass. Let it play out.
  • 2nd whistle - F1 & F2 are done and move to side. D1 & D2 take time and space away from F3 & F4, who will protect puck from the D. Encourage D to play with stick on puck and stay on defensive side.
  • 3rd whistle F3 & F4 leave their pucks and drive to net with the objective of winning a race to net and get a rebound, pass or tip on second shot from coach. D1 & D2 defend F3 & F4 back to net. Their objective is to not lose the race to the net and stay in good defensive side position. 


  • Body positioning
  • Stick on puck
  • Defensive side

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