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Breakout Screen

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 01/24/23, 2:15PM CST



This week's Drill of the Week brings a quick breakout into a battle in front of the net with a shot coming from the point. This drill can be modified and condensed for smaller areas as well.


  • One defenseman starts behind the net. They skate behind the net, grab a puck, and come around the other side and pass the puck to F1. They then return to the front of the net. 
  • The first forward starts just above the faceoff dot, and when the defenseman starts skating, F1 will circle down and come back up to the boards to receive the defenseman's pass. F1 will then pass to F2 and immediately skate to the net and battle with the defenseman for positioning in front of the net.
  • The second forward starts inside the blue line and will circle down low when the defenseman passes the puck to F1. F2 will catch the pass from F1 and then skate back up to the top and go around the cone. Right after they cross the cone, they will take a hard shot on net. F1 is battling the defenseman for positioning to screen the goalie and look for a tip.
  • This can be condensed into a smaller area if needed. Players can rotate from F2 to F1 and then to Defense.


  • Breakout passing.
  • Positioning.
  • Battling in front of the net.
  • Tips, deflections and screens.

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