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High Cycle 3

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 09/18/23, 10:30AM CDT



This week's Drill of the Week comes from Cassi Weiss, who is in her 11th season as a coach and 6th season as the head coach for Marshall High School's Girls team.


  • F1 dumps the puck into the corner and then skates down low to retrieve it. F2 follows them but keeps a gap between the two.
  • F1 gets the puck and passes it up to the defenseman. The defenseman walks the blue line towards the middle of the zone.
  • F1 skates, curls over to the far circle, and either looks for a pass from the defenseman or a rebound on a shot.
  • F2 keeps distance from F1 so that if they receive the pass from the defenseman, the timing allows for F1 to get a rebound on their shot.


  • F1 needs to have good timing so they are able to be a passing option for the defenseman.
  • F2 also needs to be timing the play for a potential drop pass.
  • Both forwards need to know what the defenseman is doing, because if they shoot, they need to be ready to crash the net for a rebound.
  • Defenseman needs to be able to walk the blue line with their head up so they can see their options.
  • Let the players be creative once they get the hang of the drill.

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